A better way to tow

Ride on air, and use Protect-A-Hitch to minimise the stress on:
–Your occupants
–Your towing vehicle
–Your trailer, components and load

The many benefits of Protect-A-Hitch:

Campers and caravans
Protect-A-Hitch fitted to an Avan Aliner camper trailer

Less shock transfer

The less your A-frame flexes, the less stress your trailer framework experiences due to chassis distortion. Keep your caravan in better condition for longer by taming the bumps at the source: the hitch.

Horse floats
Fits many varieties of horse floats

An improved ride for all

…results in a lowered chance of injury, and reduces the rest time required after a journey.

Breathe new life into an aging float or make a modern float even better!

Boat trailers
Fits many varieties of boat trailers

Protect your asset

Ensure your boat’s hull, transom and other equipment are as safe as can be, by lessening the shock loading on the drawbar.

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