Doug S.

The Protect-A-Hitch makes a dramatic improvement to ride quality when towing my camper trailer, especially on rough outback roads. I wouldn’t go anywhere without it. After sales service is also exceptional.

[When he’s not working as a professional engineer, Doug loves spending time with his family as a camping and travel enthusiast. The same day the hitch was fitted, he headed off on a 5 week, 5,000km+ round trip to the Red Centre and surrounds (via the Plenty Highway) which tested the Protect-A-Hitch to its limits. He made it back safe and sound and enjoys the difference it has made to his heavy duty camper.]

Bob & Karen C.

We first heard of the Protect-A-Hitch whilst seeking a solution to a towing problem. For our favourite hobby of tractor trekking, we tow an Avan camper behind a Hino Tilt Tray truck with a Chamberlain 9G tractor on board to travel to our trek base location. Our first near-accident whilst travelling was at Gayndah on our way to Biloela Qld Heritage Rally, where the Avan A-frame cracked and almost detached from the truck. The frame was repaired, and we fitted an airbag-type shock absorber unit to the tilt tray to cushion the ride for our next long trip to Young NSW for the National Tractor Trek. Unfortunately a similar incident occurred outside Goondiwindi on the way to Young. This time the A-frame cracked further under the van section. We left the Avan at Goondiwindi, organised to stay at motels and returned to collect it some weeks later after a full structural repair.

We had originally met Rex at the Biloela Qld Heritage Rally and shared our worrying Avan story with him. He listened, nodded and took us over to show us the Protect-A-Hitch prototype that he had fitted to his camper. We thought it was a wonderful idea, however our timeframe for our Young trip did not allow for the fitment of a Protect-A-Hitch before we left. On our return from Young we got in touch with Rex and had the Protect-A-Hitch installed to our Avan A-frame. Since then, and much to our relief, we have done several long trips – some over very rough roads – and have had no problems at all. No thumping and banging, and the Avan just floats behind us as we travel along. No stress on us or the Avan – PROBLEM SOLVED!

We would have no hesitation in recommending the Protect-A-Hitch to anyone who tows a caravan, trailer, horse float etc. Just ring Rex or Maria for further details. They have a great product and are jolly nice folk to deal with.

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