How it works

Once installed correctly on your camper, caravan, horse float (or other), operation of the Protect-A-Hitch is very simple.
The pivot arm is adjusted to the correct ride height via an easily accessible valve on the air bag. The air bag has one function: support the weight of the pivot arm once connected to the towing vehicle…
…while the KYB gas strut shock absorbers do the rest of the work. They are at the middle of their travel when the air bag is set at the correct height, and work on both the up and down stroke to dampen the shocks between your tow vehicle and trailer.

For further information, to discuss the nitty gritty or to ask if your trailer is suitable for this application, contact us!

(When we shot the video below, we weren’t using the KYB shock absorber mentioned above. We’ve since found that the KYB is even more effective at damping the jolts than the model used in initial testing.)